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Be awed with the beauty of a super relaxed lifestyle at Canyon Woods the Peak Condotel. Nothing beats the luxury of life here in a pure laid back environment. Within the Canyon Woods property are communities built within a community. Consider the Canyon Woods Residential Place, the Ridge and the majestic The Peak Condotel with the best view of the Taal Lake. Houses with country designs placed in between lush greeneries are truly irresistible sights.

Because Canyon Woods have communities within its own, the entire properly was provided with a common Courtyard, a courtyard that has a superb landscape and full of irresistibly beautiful ornaments. It is a welcoming place for everybody to foretell the luxury of living within this naïve environment. To allow residents to have common grounds to meet and enjoy as neighbors, this community was also provided with a large basketball court, a nice and cozy billiard room, bowling room with high tech lanes and a man-made pool for boating. There is also a well-maintained play area for children and families to spend their weekends. There several pools within the community with unique themes for everyone to enjoy. It is a nice and cool place to spend with families on weekends and truly functional place for socialization. These great amenities were provided for the entire community to enjoy and for families to bond without the hassles of travelling.

The Canyon Woods residential place is a gated community. The entire place is also secured with security guards and some closed circuit television cameras in common areas. The Peak Condotel is provided with 3 functional sets of elevators to shuttle residents up and down without delays. There are several generator sets available on standby to make sure that every household is backed up whenever there is a power outage. There are also several water tanks available to ensure that the pressure and the supply of a clean water is available 24/7 without compromise.

Canyon Woods Residences is equally proud of the main clubhouse which is being operated with Canyon Woods Resort Club with massive size and accommodation capabilities. It is a picture of a grand masterpiece with 5 major activity centers. The club house is a 9,800 square meter Maniosa designed superstructure with world class equipments, From dining facilities, spacious karaoke bars, beauty salon, fitness gym, gift shop and a mini-theatre, such an amazing place to enjoy with your family. What about the spa to pamper you with the luxury of life? The kids can equally enjoy the kiddie pools or the play land center without fearing for their safety. The five storey club house provides a stunning and powerful night view which seems to summarize the greatness of the entire community. This is the reason why Canyon Woods, with its Grande International Vacation Club has been consistently awarded with Interval International Five Star Award successively.

  • 3 Elevators
  • Boating
  • Bowling
  • Play Area
  • Water Tank
  • Billiard Room
  • Generator Set
  • Thematic Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Landscaped Courtyard
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